About Unicorn Bar Co.

About Unicorn Bar Co.

1. “Make someone smile, and the rest will fall into place” 😊


Unicorn bar is about one thing- Putting smiles on faces, and spreading good vibes ✨ & positivity through a fun, delicious, and healthy snack bar! 💕

There are a trillion protein bars out there we all know that.. But there is ONLY one unicorn.

you see..

For years. 2017 of them to be exact. There have been three types of bars.

  1. Candy Bars
  2. Nut & Seed Bars
  3. Muscle Bars

We’ve all been eating them for years. Candy bars when we’re feeling nostalgic. Nut & Seed Bars when we want something crunchy. Muscle bars when we’re in a gas station and want a meal but not a hot dog but it’s really not what something we’re looking forward to eating..

Frankly (ha!), none of them are perfect. And all of them are, well, just so corporate and BORING..

Enter the🦄 UNICORN BAR !!! (wait that’s a great idea for an actual bar bar!)

Our Unicorn Bar flavors are BIG, bold, and REAL. These unicorns are soft-baked.  These unicorns are hand-produced in the USA. You’re going to get a product that rolled off the bakery line within the last few weeks.

As for the taste itself- You can expect tons of awesome textures- a soft, ‘yogurty’ outer shell studded with crunchies, giving way to a chewy, rewarding core that has awesome mouth-feel (ya I’m grinning too- but that’s a real term in the ‘biz LOL)… and all in a product that is super macro-friendly that will fill you with happy unicorn energy, and ready for your next adventure.

There is only ONE bar out there that has JUST the right balance of great taste and texture along with healthy, high-protein ingredients that makes you feel satisfied and energized, and we’re DEFINITELY it has a UNICORN HORN IN EVERY BOX. Come on. We’re just having more fun than anyone else here! 😄




Ok. Got it. “But.. Why Unicorns?” you ask…

Well it’s a long story. But basically unicorns are the perfect fit for our company. They’re bright, bold, colorful, and unafraid to defy convention. Unicorn Bars are our magical gift to a world of stuffy, corporate products. Unicorns are free, fun, and unique. Just like us.

I know you’re going to love these Unicorn Bars. I just know it. If these Unicorns put a smile on your face, it would mean the world to me if you’d consider sharing it, and helping Unicorn Bar grow. (We made it NICE and easy to do… so…)

Let’s See That Horn Selfie!

In closing…thank you so much for considering us to be one of your go-to snack bar companies. Unicorn Bar is a beautiful dream that almost didn’t happen and we’re lovin’ every step of this adventure so thank

If given the chance, I can promise you we’re going to do everything we can to earn your business again and again with consistent quality in our bars, lightning fast shipping, and attentive customer support.


AKA ‘The Unicorn Guy’ & his Team of Unicorns