Tampa’s Ready, Prepare to Fly.

Tampa’s Ready, Prepare to Fly.

One year, four months, 6 days, and about 3 hours ago, I had a dream.

Create the most fun, delicious, freakin’ AWESOME snack bar in the world.

Not a slab of chewy gunk, but not a wad of crushed up dates. not a stick of glued together walnuts and raisins either… something with CRAVEABLE taste. Something with a TON of flavor. Something with a VARIETY of texture.

Little did I know how long it would take. How hard it could be. How many trials and tribulations I would go through to get to this point. Here. Over a year later, and basically all of my money spent,

I am prepare to give you my life’s work. I’m ready to give you a¬†Unicorn Bar.

A bar that actually TASTES like a candy bar, but has the macros of something you’d find in your local health food store.

I know it’s not going to get any easier from here, but I’m confident in my Unicorns and I’m ready to



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